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May 2023

The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative (HARC) held its eighth annual Collaborative Science of Home Visiting meeting on May 10th, 2023. Recordings of the 8 sessions are available below.

Opening Plenary – Welcome and Introductions to HARC, Website and PBRN
Allison West, Kay O’Neill and Jon Korfmacher – Presenters
Session 1 – Eliciting Home Visiting Workforce Perspectives to Inform Policy and Practice
Ericka Lewis – Moderator
Ashley Watson – 1st presentation
Jessica Greenstone Winestone – 2nd presentation
Session 2 – Improving Outcomes for Meaningful Subgroups
Jon Korfmacher – Moderator
Grace Hubel – 1st presentation
Neil Guterman – 2nd presentation
Session 3 – Partnerships in Home Visiting Research and Practice
Jill Filene – Moderator
Tess Abrahamson-Richardson – 1st presentation
Jessica Goldberg and Steven Pascal – 2nd presentation
Session 4 – Building the Precision Paradigm: Mechanisms of Action, Context and Usage
Dan Whitaker – Moderator
Lori Burrell, Heather Johnson and Rebecca Fauth – Presenters
Session 5 – Emerging Issues in the Home Visiting Field
Deb Daro – Presenter
Session 6 – Online Research Training for Home Visiting Staff
Darius Tandon – Presenter
Closing Session – Supporting the MIECHV Learning Agenda through Precision Approaches
Kyle Peplinski and Aleta Meyer – Presenters

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