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At the heart of HARC’s work is our practice-based research network (PBRN). HARC PBRN members engage in collaborative, field-initiated studies to move home visiting forward. The PBRN is designed to bring together programs and researchers to answer questions that are critical to the field.

We have five categories of HARC members:

  • Researchers with an interest in home visiting
  • Leaders of local programs/agencies that provide home visiting as a primary service strategies to families from birth to five
  • Representatives of home visiting program models
  • Leaders of a network of home visiting programs (including state, tribal, territory, MIECHV, or non MIECHV leads)
  • Friends of HARC – all of those with an interest in home visiting research who do not fall in any of the above categories

To become a HARC member, or to re-enroll in HARC if you are an existing member, you only need to fill out a short enrollment survey for the category which best describes you. Please click the box below to enroll!

You may have additional questions about the PBRN. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and their responses.

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