Any HARC member can submit ideas for HARC studies. You don’t even need to be a researcher (see our FAQ’s for more detail). The ideas most appropriate for HARC studies are those that utilize our practice-based research network’s size, diversity in program model and structure, and broad geographical distribution.

Although many HARC projects are observational or survey studies examining variations in home visiting practice or implementation, it is also possible to propose intervention studies. Please keep in mind that studies involving HARC should be those that programs are interested in—they should address questions relevant to practice.

How to Propose a Study

To make a study suggestion, please submit a completed study proposal for review by the HARC Council. The HARC Council is made up of a representative group of those with an interest in home visiting. In their review process, the HARC Council will consider:

  • Is the study appropriate for a national home visiting research network?
  • Is the study feasible from the standpoint of methodology, funding, and ethical considerations?
  • Can the use of HARC help to answer the question in an efficient and accurate manner?
  • Does the study have adequate importance to attract support/funding?
  • Does the study have adequate importance to attract the interest of HARC programs?

When your proposal is under review, the HARC Council may ask for more information or suggest revisions. You should expect at least 2-3 weeks for HARC Council review.

Once the study is approved, the HARC Coordinating Center will work closely with the study team to implement the study in the field. All study teams will be expected to prepare a results brief for dissemination to the PBRN in a timely fashion.

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