Jon Korfmacher, PhD

HARC Council Chair

Jon Korfmacher, PhD, is chair of HARC’s Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) and a Senior Research Fellow at Chapin Hall at University of Chicago. For over 25 years, his research has examined the implementation and outcome of early childhood interventions, parent engagement in early childhood services, and quality assessment, with a special focus on workforce training and development. He has worked on numerous research trials focused on home visiting programs, including Nurse Family Partnership and Early Head Start, and other early childhood interventions. He currently oversees the Illinois Depart of Human Services Home Visiting Program Assessment Project. Dr. Korfmacher also consults nationally and internationally on early childhood home visiting research and practice. He is on the Board of Directors for Zero To Three. As part of HARC’s Leadership Team, Dr. Korfmacher chairs the HARC Council, oversees the expansion of the PBRN and utilization of the PBRN resources to promote efforts such as career development. 

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