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January 2020

HARC held its fifth annual Collaborative Science of Home Visiting Meeting in Washington, DC on January 29th, 2020. Slides for the breakout sessions are listed below.

Moving toward Precision Home Visiting Around Family Stress, Depression, and Substance Use
Does Mothers and Babies Work for You: Variations in Intervention Effects Across Sub Groups – Alicia Diebold and Darius Tandon
Parent-Focused Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: An Additive Approach – Kate Guastaferro

Using Data to Inform the Development of Precision Home Visiting Strategies
Toward Precision Strategies for Parent Involvement in Home Visiting – Kelly Bower and Allison West
Father Participation in Home Visiting: Lessons from Massachusetts – Rebecca Fauth and Jessica Goldberg
Family Spirit’s Approach to Precision Home Visiting – Emily Haroz, et al.
Improving Hispanic Children’s Early Learning Environments – Melissa Baralt et al.

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